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A drider, C, is a type of monster that can be encountered in dNetHack and notdNetHack. Driders are a form of centaur-like monster that are the result of drow women being converted into humanoidspider hybrids: they retain the humanoid upper body, but below the waist have the form of an eight-legged spider.

A drider has a weapon attack and an offhand attack, a poisonous bite, and a kick attack and spitting attack that spreads webs.

Eating a drider corpse or tin conveys temporary sleep resistance.


Drider are a form of transformed drow that appear in Dungeons & Dragons - unlike the similar sprow, driders have arguably the best aspects of both creatures, but because of their deformity they are outcasts from drow society, and the transformation is generally considered a form of punishment. Whether or not the form is intended as a punishment, or acts a boon for maintaining good standing with the drow goddess Lolth, is inconsistent between editions.

Encyclopedia entry

A droven punishment form uniting the upper body of a drow
with the lower body of a giant spider. This form is
typically inflicted on drow matrons who fail a test set
out by Lolth, or who scheme and plot against others
without benifit to themselves, or who value material
things above all else. Driders are cast out of droven
society, driven deep into the underdark tunnels, far from
the cities of the drow. As with all punishment forms,
conversion into a drider also renders the victim sterile.
Driders, then, have been given the _form_ of the deity
Lolth, but have been deprived of the _essence_ of what it
means to be drow.

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