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A sprow, C, is a type of monster that appears in dNetHack and notdNetHack. The sprow is a centaur-like drow creature that has been converted into a humanoidspider hybrid, with a humanoid torso and pairs of spider legs in place of limbs, leaving them unable to pick up items and use weapons.

Sprow have a poisonous bite and a kick attack that spreads webs.

Eating a sprow corpse or tin conveys temporary sleep resistance.


Sprow are a type of transformed drow that act as a "reverse drider": this spider-hybrid transformation is often a form of punishment, but unlike driders sprow are given the least advantageous aspects of each creature.

Encyclopedia entry

A droven punishment form combining the worst aspects of humanoids
and spiders. Sprow combine the head and torso of a drow with the
limbs of a spider. This form is typically inflicted on drow
novices who see spiders as holy creatures worthy of worship,
rather than as allegories and useful tools. It may also be
inflicted on young drow who boast about their cunning to others.
Unlike driders, sprow are too weak to survive alone and are not
driven out of the droven cities, instead being used as
slave-laborers or beasts of burden.

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