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A mummy curse is an attack type that appears in dNetHack and notdNetHack, and can inflict various forms of damage or debuff depending on the level of the monster that uses it.


A mummy curse is primarily seen as an on-death attack that occurs upon killing any of the various mummies you encounter, with stronger mummies leveling more severe curses - it can also occur when fighting other monsters, either as passives or as active spellcasting attacks.

The following monsters can use various mummy curses:

Mummies Message Effect
All generic mummies, the Stranger (spellcasting) You feel intense pain! Lose 1 HP per level of the mummy, but no more than half your current HP (rounded down, so never fatal).
Soldier mummy You feel an ill fate swirl around you. Lose 1 to 7 points of luck
Priest mummy, the Stranger (spellcasting) You feel an ill fate settle over you Lose 26 points of luck (likely resulting in setting your luck to -10)
Soldier mummy, priest mummy, the Stranger (spellcasting) You feel as if you need some help. Some of your items are cursed or unblessed.
Soldier mummy, priest mummy You scream/shriek from the pain!/You writhe in pain! Lose 1/2 your current HP (rounded down, so never fatal). Scream for 2 (more) rounds.
Priest mummy, pharaoh You are stung by a tiny insect! Contract a fatal illness.
Priest mummy, pharaoh, ancient of the Burning Wastes (2 square reach attack) You begin crumbling to dust! You contract mummy rot, or lose 1-6 Constitution or Charisma if already suffering from mummy rot.
Pharaoh, Hmnyw-Pharaoh You die!/Your heart stops! When it finally beats again, it is weak and thready. If you have less than 100 current HP you die. Otherwise, you take 10d8 damage.
Hmnyw-Pharaoh You feel a dire fate settle over you. Your AC and intrinsic protection are reduced.
Hmnyw-Pharaoh, the Stranger (spellcasting) You scream/shriek in agony!/You writhein agony! Max HP is reduced and HP is set to 1/3 its current value + 1 (so never fatal). Scream for 2 (more) rounds.
Kuo-toa, kuo-toa whip Bright liquid sparks smite your head! You take some water and shock damage. This wets your inventory and may damage your wands.
Kuo-toa whip, blibdoolpoolp, graven-into-flesh (whenever struck) A bright surging torrent pours down on your head! You take water and shock damage. This wets your inventory and may damage your wands.


The presence of mummy curses makes fighting mummies much more dangerous compared to NetHack, and typically warrants a form of protection from curses among other defensive measures.

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