Priestess of Ghaunadaur

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A priestess of Ghaunadaur, C, is a type of monster that appears in dNetHack and notdNetHack. A priestess of Ghaunadaur is a form of female drider that serves Ghaunadaur, a god of fallen stars, slime, outcasts, and the discarded, as indicated by the encyclopedia entry. Her counterpart is the priest of Ghaunadaur, which is a form of shoggoth.

A priestess of Ghaunadaur has similar attacks to those of a drider: a weapon attack, an offhand weapon attack, and a kick attack that can trap its target in a web. Unlike the drider, the priestess of Ghaunadaur has a stronger bite that inflicts corrosion rather than poison, and also has an acidic passive attack and the ability to cast clerical monster spells. A priestess of Ghaunadaur possesses sleep resistance.

Eating a priestess of Ghaunadaur's corpse or tin has a chance of conveying temporary sleep resistance.


Randomly generated priestesses of Ghaunadaur are always created hostile.


Encyclopedia entry

Ghaunadaur, god of fallen stars, slime, outcasts, and the discarded, is a peripheral member of the drow pantheon. He is worshiped mainly by disaffected drow, especially those warped into punishment forms and exiled by Lolth. The most powerful droven followers of Ghaunadaur are often former priestesses of Lolth, warped into drider form after failing one of their goddess's many tests.

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