Priest of Ghaunadaur

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A priest of Ghaunadaur is an advanced type of shoggoth that can be found in dNetHack. In addition to their regular attacks, priests of Ghaunadaur are capable of using clerical magic.

Compare the priestess of Ghaunadaur, which is an advanced drider.

Encyclopedia entry

Ghaunadaur, god of fallen stars, slime, outcasts, and the
discarded, is best known as a peripheral member of the
drow pantheon. However, he is also an ancient,
pre-humanoid entity, thought to have emerged from the
primordial ooze, or even to have born that ancient life
with him to this world from some forgotten home. Most
slimes and oozes are mindless and unable to worship
Ghaunadaur, but the deity is known and revered by
shoggoths, from which it's most powerful priests are