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The troll is a playable race in SlashTHEM. It is derived from the "trollor" race inherited from Slash'EM Extended.

Trolls are always chaotic and can be a Barbarian, Convict, Diver, Lunatic or Undead Slayer. They start with intrinsic sickness resistance and regeneration but cannot have fire resistance. If a troll dies and is at least experience level 3, there is a 75% chance of reviving (similar to the life saving effect), but this will drain two character levels.

Troll characters that are not Convicts also start with one of a ranseur, partisan, glaive, or spetum, like other trolls, and their polearm skill is raised to at least Skilled to match (allowing them to hit a knight's move away).

Elven, human, and orcish monsters are always hostile.

Their maximum stats are as follows:

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
Troll 23 16 25 17 15 15


Troll characters are hard to kill, thanks to regeneration and their ability to "cheat death" by reviving. However, they will take a significant hit to their maximum hit points and energy in the process, making it easier for monsters to kill them again, and there is always a 25% risk of the revival effect failing. Also, a trolls will get next to no hit points or energy on leveling up, so they may want to do some nurse dancing, eat lots of newt corpses and quaff potions that increase their maximum values.

Having an amulet of life saving is very useful as a troll, because the 75% chance of auto-reviving gets checked prior to the AoLS check. So if the character auto-revives, the amulet will still be there, allowing the character to die again at least once without ending the game.

Using a blessed genocide on T will result in instadeath as usual for a troll character, with no chance of reviving.

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