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Appearance expensive suit
Slot shirt
AC 0
Base price 50 zm
Weight 10
Material cloth

The expensive suit is a piece of armor in SlashTHEM, filling the innermost (shirt) armor slot. The expensive suit is the starting armor for the Undertaker role, carried over from NetHack-- 3.0.10, the source of the role.

Like other "shirts", the expensive suit has an AC of 0, and so does not add to your armor class unless enchanted. However, the suit has a magic cancellation of 2 and gives a +2 bonus to the wearer's charisma.


These benefits make the expensive suit a better choice for the "shirt" slot than the T-shirt and Hawaiian shirt: instead of raising prices, shopkeepers will actually charge lower prices because of the customer's increased charisma from the stylish suit.

Whether the suit is better than Victorian underwear, which grants MC 3 at the cost of a penalty to AC, depends on the player's circumstances. A player who has no other choice of MC 3 armor—for example, a spellcaster, Monk, or Jedi who cannot wear a mithril coat and wants to wear a cloak other than a cloak of protection or magic resistance, or a player who simply has not found any other MC 3 armor—may prefer the underwear for its magic cancellation. But in general, the suit's charisma bonus makes it arguably the best "shirt" in the game.


The expensive suit is the base item for an artifact, the Gambler's Suit. This unaligned artifact grants protection while worn, acts as a luckstone, and grants an extra +3 charisma, in addition to the standard charisma bonus.


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