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Jedi Class
Author Benjamin Schieder
Download link
NetHack PatchDB 141

The Jedi is a role added in the Jedi Class patch for SLASH'EM. A Jedi can play as a human, elf, or hobbit, and they are always lawful.

Starting equipment


Jedi skills
Max Skills

The Jedi's special spell is charm monster. Spell success is determined by intelligence.


Jedi start stealthy, gain telepathy at level 3, see invisible at level 5 and speed at level 7.


  • Every Jedi can do the Jedi Jump, channelling the force to jump forward like unskilled spell at level 1, basic at level 5, skilled at level 10, and expert at level 15. This technique is reusable after 50 turns and uses up 25 energy.
  • At experience level 5 they gain the charge saber skill. Using this skill they can recharge their lightsaber for power*((technique_level/10)+1) turns and needs at least 5PW. If they are at least technique level 10, they have a 20% chance of channelling the force perfectly into the saber, thus giving it an additional 1500(!) turns. In order for the technique to succeed, the Jedi must remain uninterrupted for 10 turns. Regardless if it succeeded or not, this technique is reusable after 500 turns.
  • At experience level 8 they get the telekinesis skill. Using this skill they can pick up remote objects, disarm certain traps and spring other traps. This technique is reusable after 250 turns. The trap/object must be seen to use this skill.

Additional abilities

  • A Jedi can use the force to throw and regain his lightsaber, similar to the Valkyrie's ability to throw and catch Mjollnir. This is valid for all lightsabers, not just the Lightsaber Prototype. The difference, is that it requires 5 energy points instead of a strength of 25 and lightsaber skill to be at least skilled. Then there is a 99% chance of the lightsaber returning, and a further 99% chance of the Jedi catching it back. If confused, stunned, blind, hallucinating, or fumbling, the Jedi has 0 chance of catching it back. If failing to catch it (impairment or the 1% probability), there is a 50% chance it will land on your feet, or hit you instead. If two-weaponing and wielding the lightsaber in the second hand, after the lightsaber returns, you'll be wielding only the lightsaber. If two-weaponing and the lightsaber was the primary weapon, throwing will work as expected.
  • A skilled Jedi with an activated lightsaber can dodge missiles fired at him (though not reflect them)
  • A skilled Jedi with an activated lightsaber, has a (50+15*greatest_weapon_erosion)% probability of cutting in half the non artifact weapon of a defending monster.


  • Attacking peaceful monsters will be punished with -1 alignment.
  • Fighting with a lightsaber needs maneuverability which all armor except robes hinder for -20 hit penalty.

Rank titles

Level Title
1-2 Youngling
3-5 Padawan
6-9 Jedi Apprentice
10-13 Jedi Knight
14-17 Jedi Hero
18-30 Jedi Master


Main article: Religion
  • Lawful: the Light Side
  • Neutral: the Force
  • Chaotic: the Dark Side


Main article: Jedi quest

The Jedi will meet the Jedi Master who tells him of a war between Lord Sidious and the Jedi over the Lightsaber Prototype, a lightsaber powered by the Force itself thus never running out of power. The Jedi must then fight along some of his fellow Jedi against the stormtroopers and Lord Sidious himself to gain possession of this powerful artifact which doesn't require charging, and can reflect beam attacks.

The Jedi quest is quite difficult: Stormtroopers are tough foes, and most of the levels are wide open which makes it difficult to avoid getting surrounded. Lord Sidious is a summoner, and as is typical of quest nemeses will teleport to the stairs to heal if you wound him.


While a Jedi has some nice advantages in the early game, including a powerful weapon (melee and ranged) and means to burn Elbereth, it is more difficult than most melee roles. In the early game, the Jedi should fight with his lightsaber, but only turn it on when necessary so as to conserve charges. The ability to burn Elbereth combined with a weapon that is not subject to corrosion makes kicking sinks and splitting black puddings with a junk weapon a great way to level up and gain some intrinsics. Since wearing anything other than a robe will nullify most of your advantages (including your lightsaber), you should try to find the best non-body armor you can and tough it out with the robe. Like playing a monk, an early wish is better spent on something other than dragon scale mail. A shield of reflection or amulet of reflection, speed boots, or a source of magic resistance are all good candidates. If you decide to wish for a quest artifact such as the Sceptre of Might or Crown of Saint Edward for your magic resistance, be sure you have enough hit points to withstand SLASH'EM's augmented blasting damage.

Given that Jedi are lawful, they should dip for Excalibur as soon as possible, and take advantage of the extremely strong lawful artifacts (Sword of Justice, Snickersnee, and Grayswandir) that they can gain skill in. They should also sacrifice for minions as soon as possible.

Once the Jedi gets past early game and gets the awesome quest artifact, they can become a very powerful melee and ranged fighter, albeit not much of a spellcaster.

The reflection granted by the Lightsaber Prototype compensates for the penalty that Jedis have when wearing body armor. Even without the need for silver dragon scale mail, a Jedi still needs a source of magic resistance and drain resistance, two other extrinsics commonly conveyed by dragon scale mail. Magic resistance is commonly obtained using the cloak, but the other two are problematic.

Note that in SLASH'EM artifact weapons can be dual-wielded, but when doing so you only get the extra wielding effects of your primary weapon, thus one cannot simultaneously have Excalibur's drain resistance and the Lightsaber Prototype's reflection. For this reason, a player might want to consider an amulet of drain resistance, or accepting the body armor penalty at higher levels (where it doesn't significantly affect gameplay) to wear dragon scale mail armor.

New items and monster

New artifact: the Lightsaber Prototype.

New armor: plasteel armor, plasteel gloves, plasteel boots, plasteel helmet

New monsters: stormtrooper, padawan (player monster), Jedi (player monster), Lord Sidious, The Jedi Master.


The patch also adds a padawan and a jedi in the Guild of Disgruntled Adventurers.


  • You feel disturbances in the force!

You gain instrinsic telepathy from leveling up.

  • You feel your grip on the force lessen!

You lose instrinsic telepathy from leveling down.

  • You feel your vision sharpen!

You gain see invisible from leveling up

  • You feel your vision blurring!

You lose see invisible from leveling down.

Compiling (Linux)

This was done in Linux, most should be transferable to other platforms. You can probably recycle a lot of the below for other patches.

  • You'll need these sources[1]. Uncompress the sources.
  • Rename the "slashem-0.0.7E7F1" folder in to "slashem-0.0.7E7F1-orig" and then run:
patch -p0 < slashem_jedi_0.5.patch
  • Download the stuff you'll need.
sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev bison flex checkinstall make
  • Enter the source directory.
cd slashem-0.0.7E7F1-orig
  • Run the setup script.
sh ./sys/unix/
  • You'll need to further edit 6 files.
gedit ./include/global.h

At line 13, add these lines:



"#define JEDI"

gedit ./include/config.h

comment out lines 230, 231 with "/*" at the start of the line, and with "*/" at the end.

replace line 234 with "# define COMPRESS "/bin/gzip" /* FSF gzip compression */"

replace line 235 with "# define COMPRESS_EXTENSION ".gz" /* normal gzip extension */"

gedit ./src/Makefile

Comment out line 340. This "WINTTYLIB = -ltermlib", should become this "#WINTTYLIB = -ltermlib".

uncomment line 339. This"#WINTTYLIB = -lncurses", should become this "WINTTYLIB = -lncurses". And don't forget to save.

line 422: Rename the game, so that it doesn't conflict with an alredy installed slashem.

gedit ./Makefile

line 18, give the same name you gave earlier. If it's not the same, it will not compile.

line 43 rename the directory.

gedit ./util/Makefile

uncomment line 108. comment out line 105

gedit ./win/tty/termcap.c

line 839, Replace the entire line with:

extern char *tparm(NCURSES_CONST char *, ...);
  • Compile and install
make ; sudo checkinstall
  • Easy uninstall with your regular package manager.


SlashTHEM has the Jedi patch applied.

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