The Crown of Saint Edward

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[   The Crown of Saint Edward   Etched helmet.png
Base item helm of telepathy
When carried
When worn extrinsic telepathy
When invoked (none)
Base price 5000 zm
Weight 50

The Crown of Saint Edward is the Yeoman quest artifact in SLASH'EM. It is a lawful helm of telepathy which also provides magic resistance and half spell damage when carried.


For yeomen

As is true for other roles whose quest artifacts provide magic resistance, Yeomen will not want to rely on the Crown as their only source of magic resistance - losing your only source of magic resistance to the Wizard of Yendor can be a game-ending mistake. Outside of this, most Yeomen will probably want to wear the Crown, since the extrinsic telepathy is useful and yeomen are unlikely to be spellcasters.

For others

In SLASH'EM, the Crown is one of five lawful quest artifacts which provide magic resistance, the other four being the Orb of Detection, The Magic Mirror of Merlin, the Sceptre of Might, and the Stake of Van Helsing.

As an artifact wish for a lawful character seeking magic resistance, the Crown provides all the same intrinsics as the Orb of Detection at 13 of the weight, with the telepathy requiring the Crown to be worn as its only "drawback". Half spell damage combined with magic resistance also blunts the impact of the psi boltsand curse items monster spells, and gives the Crown the edge over the Magic Mirror. The Sceptre is still a worthy choice with its slotless and hungerless conflict, but only deals +5 damage against cross-aligned monsters, while the Stake is a fine weapon with its +12 damage bonus, but lacks any properties beyond magic resistance. The Mirror is probably most worth wishing for as a supplement to the Crown for characters that prefer a helm of brilliance, plan to make use of the helm of opposite alignment, or are frequently polymorphed into a form that cannot wear helms.


The crown of Saint Edward is the actual name of the crown of the monarch of Great Britain.

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