The Lightsaber Prototype

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Base item red lightsaber
Damage vs. small d9+6 +10
Damage vs. large d11+10 +10
To-hit bonus +5
Bonus versus (any)
Weapon skill lightsaber
Size one-handed
When carried


When wielded
When invoked
Base price 3500 zm
Weight 60
Material platinum

The Lightsaber Prototype is the Jedi quest artifact in the Jedi patch for SLASH'EM, the prize for defeating Lord Sidious and his army of storm troopers.

It inherits excellent stats from its base item. Like any regular lightsaber, it provides very good base melee damage. Even at +0 it hits all monsters, even if they normally require an enchanted weapon to hit. It can also burn through doors, statues and solid rock in the manner of a pick-axe.

Additionally, it has a +10 damage bonus and a +5 to hit bonus, it provides reflection when wielded, and an energy boost when #invoked. Unlike a regular lightsaber, it never runs out of power or needs charging, so it can be wielded indefinitely.


If a Jedi, the player has the ability to throw and catch it back like with any lightsaber, similarly to the Valkyrie's ability to throw and catch Mjollnir.


If you wish for this artifact, make sure you are at least lawful and able to withstand its artifact blast. It's an intelligent artifact, so it will blast you for quite a lot even if you are lawful because you aren't a Jedi, and you will be unable to even pick it up if you are not at least lawful.

You can unrestrict lightsabers by wielding one when you get crowned. The additional +5 to hit bonus will also help a lot.

Average damage

With average damage of 26 vs. large (but only 21 vs. small), plus reflection, plus permanently burning Elbereth, plus burning through solid rock, plus hitting like a +4 weapon, plus the Jedi only ability to attack from range, this weapon even outclasses the infamous Bat from Hell.

A Jedi two-weaponing this with Grayswandir in Gehennom is indeed fearsome to behold.


The lightsaber energy value that controls how many turns the lightsaber can be lit for uses the same internal variable as the invocation timeout, which may result in the Lightsaber Prototype working strangely when trying to invoke it.


Reference: Benjamin Schieder's Jedi Patch