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Some variants of NetHack include spoons as items.


( Spoon.png
Name spoon
Appearance spoon
Base price 5000 zm
Weight 1
Material platinum
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

The spoon exists in SLASH'EM as the base item for Houchou.

Applying a spoon will result in the message: "It's a finely crafted antique spoon; what do you want to do with it?" Despite the wording this is not a prompt, so the player can't actually do anything special with it.


Spoons are also present in dNetHack. A spoon is the starting "weapon" of the Convict, and the base item for the new Convict quest artifact, the Iron Spoon of Liberation. Otherwise spoons are not randomly generated.

In dNetHack, spoons are made of iron and classified as weapon-tools that use the knife skill. They do 1d1 damage to both small and large targets, weigh 1 unit and have a base price of 1 zm.