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A peasant is a monster added in dNetHack, Slash'EM Extended, and SLASHTHEM. Peasants are not randomly generated; they only appear on certain quests.

Peasants are the quest guardians of the Binder quest in dNetHack, although unusually they are not located on the home level with the quest leader, but on the locate level. Peasants also appear on certain levels of the Noble quest, both as peaceful and hostile creatures.

They are relatively slow and weak, and the hostile (rebellious) ones in the Noble quest pose little threat to the player, except possibly in combination with each other and with the other hostile @s that appear on the quest.

In dNetHack peasants are generated armed with one of the following items[2]: sickle, scythe, knife, club, axe, or voulge—crude weapons, mostly improvised from farming and household tools, and of little use to a well-equipped Noble.


Reference: Chris' Noble Patch