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About me

My handle is codehappy. I sometimes play NetHack.

I play on NAO as, well, codehappy. I had one local ascension (Cha Fem Hum Wiz) before playing on public servers. These days I don't play locally; I like getting other peoples' bones, having my games automatically recorded, watching other players, and being watched.

Still looking for my first sub-million point or sub-20,000 turn ascension. If I didn't like to keep my ascension percentage respectable maybe I'd try some dig for victory or pacifist games.

Longest ascension streak: currently, 11, including all roles except Tou and Cav, all genoless and some with other conducts.

Number of Demogorgon kills: two, one locally (in my first ascension), one on NAO.

Current best conduct game: Wishless polyless genoless survivor Tourist (29K turns, 1.53M points). Ascended with the (0:3) Castle wand, using a blessed magic lamp for light. Everytime I decide to try an n-conduct Monk, the RNG gives me Mjollnir on dungeon level 2, usually right next to a particularly tasty-looking floating eye.

Favorite role: Wizard. A great early game, an interesting and varied (depending on your equipment/spells) mid game, and a very quick late game. Since the late game (minus the end game) is usually the least challenging or interesting part of the game, the fact that a Wizard can blow right through it is a plus.

Favorite item: a non-cancelled wand of wishing, of course. Those are awesome! If we exclude wish sources and artifacts, then a magic marker. It's like a wand of wishing for scrolls and books, especially for Wizards.

Random wands of wishing: Let's see if I can remember them all. One in Sokoban, one in the Big Room, two on the Quest (one Knight and one Priest), one deep in Gehennom, one found on the Astral Plane. That's six in over a million turns.

Off-color DSM: Hey, if I have MR and reflection from any source, I'll gladly wear the first dragon that leaves scales. This gives me one ascension in yellow (acid resistance!) and another where I wore blue for much of the game (but got gray dragon scales at the Castle).

Best bones found: a Knight of mine found a bones pile in Juiblex's swamp (IN the swamp) containing the Eyes of the Overworld, the Eye of the Aethiopica, the +5 Grayswandir, and a large variety of other ascension kit goodies. Naturally, she was pretty much all kitted out, but she converted to Neutral to pick them all up anyway.

Best early bones found: +2 GDSM, a magic lamp and a bag of holding with some useful scrolls and potions in the Mines. Killed by a dwarf lord, IIRC, and he wasn't even helpless.

Bags of holding: Shamefully, I've blown up three of them on NAO, always due to fatfingering . or /. In two of those games I've ascended, so my ascension rate is a bit higher in games where I stupidly blow up my bag than in games I don't. Take courage, careless NetHackers!

Favorite NetHack weapon: like all NetHack monsters, I prefer the cockatrice corpse over other weapons. Sometimes a little too much.

Things I've destroyed Vlad the Impaler with: a pancake, a magic whistle, a wand of wishing (it was made of silver that game and actually very effective as a Vladsbane), and a candle. I've also eliminated Vlad by wearing a ring of conflict (note to the DevTeam: a single Olog-hai is tougher than Dracula) and, most amusingly, by simply standing still and reflecting the bolts shot from his own wand of fire (Dracula is apparently also rather thick).

YAAD: almost every one of my NetHack deaths is of the stupid variety, although I did meet the lesser-known cousin of the Gnome with the Wand of Death, the Kobold with the Wand of Lightning, on dlvl 2 once. Very briefly.

YASD: If I were immune to stupid mistakes, I would ascend 99% of the time. Since I am not currently ascending 99% of my games, I must not be yet immune to stupid mistakes. Therefore, proceed with caution around me.

Sometimes I don't log in before I edit. I have some changes to Cornuthaum and Scroll of enchant armor recorded under my IP address.

I don't like games that drag on forever. My first ascensions were 15+ hour marathons and just painful. Also, if you're willing to grind for hours and hours on end, the game gets too easy. These days I like to play fairly quickly. That mostly means cutting some corners in the mid and late game for the sake of expediency. Many shortcuts that would kill you in the early game you can easily get away with in the late game.

I like to avoid reading scrolls of identify. It is not at all unusual for the first scroll of ID I read to be for identifying the charges on the Castle wand. Scrolls of ID are a limited resource, and should be conserved for later mass-blessing and identifying the charges on your wands and tools. Most of the fun, IMO, in NetHack is identifying your loot as early and efficiently as possible to make the best use of it. It's good strategy as well, as the sooner and cheaper you can ID your stuff the greater your surviveability. Knowing which scroll is teleportation or earth will save your bacon many, many times.

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