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List of stuff I'll try to get around to doing:

  • Change all maps in articles (eg. the quest pages, soko) to use <div class="ttymap"><replacecharsblock rules="ttymap">
  • Upload all of the missing nh343 source files.
  • Upload data.base fragments into Template:encyclopedia/foo and change the template to use those.
  • Fix the sidebar hover style for the atom feed link. (very tiny thing, but still bugs the hell out of me...)
  • Fix the hover styles for the page top & bottom links, as they're different from the side panel links. (slightly bigger line-height?)
  • Improve MediaWiki:Edittools.
  • Improve {{Monsters}} by moving it to {{Monsters/Original}} and subst it from {{Monsters}} (less main page load)
    • Make the {{Monsters/Original}} use {{monsymlink}} or even make something like {{msl}} which would only take the monst name as param.
    • Does not work unless there's a way to expand all templates.
  • Maybe create ttymap screenshots of games, and put a random one on the main page.
    • Allow NAO players do a "screenshot", a la nhsshot?
  • Template? Extension? to allow {{tile|tilenum}} (or with optional tile size params {{tile|tilenum|16|16}}) which would basically expand to <div style="display:inline-block;width:16px;height:16px;background-image:url('/mediawiki/images/7/7c/Vanilla_tiles.png'); background-position:64px 32px; margin:0; padding:0;"></div> or something... (like nhsshot)
    • Maybe need mapping tilename -> tilenum
      • Generic hashmapping extension? {{#hashmap|foo|bar}} reads a wiki page foo in, spits out the hash value (qux) for key bar. page foo format would be "bar=>qux" each in own line. also could cache the mapping... {{#hashmap|foo|bar|baz}} with "bar=>(zap=>zzz, baz=>yyy)" would return "yyy"... php format hashmap.
  • Write an article about gdb and debugging nethack, or improve Wizmode in that regard.
  • Fix the random true rumors, use javascript.