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This template returns the minimum value a die roll in the standard d-notation can give. This cannot handle more than one d-notation, so no 1d6+1d4. See also User:Paxed/Template:dicemax.

Usage: {{dicemin|AdB+C}}


  • A is the number of dice to be rolled.
  • B is the number of sides the dices have.
  • C is an (optional) modifier added after the diceroll. Use only simple plusses or minuses here!


  • {{dicemin|4}} shows 4
  • {{dicemin|-4}} shows -4
  • {{dicemin|4d}} shows 4
  • {{dicemin|d4}} shows 1
  • {{dicemin|1d6}} shows 1
  • {{dicemin|2d10}} shows 2
  • {{dicemin|3d8}} shows 3
  • {{dicemin|1d8+5}} shows 6
  • {{dicemin|2d4-1}} shows 1