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intr-343.txt  Last edited 2006-03-28 for NetHack 3.4.3
Miscellaneous intrinsics in NetHack 3.4
Compiled by Dylan O'Donnell <>.

This spoiler covers all the intrinsics that are neither dragon resistances
(see drgn-343.txt) nor conferred by wearing rings (see rint-343.txt). It
does not cover statuses (confusion, hallucination, etc); the dividing line
is sometimes blurry, but as a general rule of thumb if it appears on the
status line it's a status, not an intrinsic. Note that, as a general rule,
any intrinsics acquired solely by experience level can be lost by being
drained below that level.

  acquired by
    Polymorphing into a floating eye, water elemental, newt, (baby)
    crocodile, or any ;.
    You can enter water safely.
    Eels' drowning attacks will not drown you.
    Fog clouds' moisture attacks will not harm you.

astral vision
  acquired by
    Wearing the Eyes of the Overworld (Monk Quest Artifact).
    Spaces within a radius 3 are visible even if dark or if line of sight
    is blocked.
    Blinding has no effect on your ability to see.

blinding resistance
  acquired by
    Wielding Sunsword (light-based only).
    Wearing lenses or a visored helmet (physical-based only).
    Light-based resistance protects against the blinding attacks of
    yellow lights and Archons, and blinding from lightning bolts,
    engraving with a wand of lightning, failed use of a crystal ball,
    magic traps, and expensive cameras.
    Physical-based resistance protects against the blinding attack of
    ravens and cobras, but not against dust vortices or thrown cream pies.
    Note that being blinded already, or being polymorphed into a form
    that has no eyes, is an absolute defence against blinding.

  acquired by
    Wearing a cornuthaum as a Wizard.
    Donating between 200*XL and (400*XL)-1 zorkmids, more than 1/3 your
    current visible gold, to a priest (lasts 500 to 999 (more) turns per
    Carrying the Amulet of Yendor.
    Maps a 12x20 rectangle around you every so often (50% chance every
    fifteenth turn). Blocked by wearing a cornuthaum when not a Wizard.
    Exercises wisdom every five turns.

  acquired by
    Wearing a cloak of displacement.
    Monsters may believe your location to be in your vicinity rather than
    at your actual location (doesn't fool priests or shopkeepers).
    1/4 chance of finding you anyway, and remembering your location until
    you move away.

  acquired by
    Polymorphing into killer or queen bee, winged gargoyle, (master) mind
    flayer, homunculus, lurker above, xan, couatl, titan, jabberwock,
    wraith, succubus, incubus, balrog, or any of vyBDEV.
    Riding a couatl, ki-rin, jabberwock, or any D.
    Can pass over pits, holes, trap doors, squeaky boards, bear traps, water
    or lava safely. (Pits and holes in Sokoban will still trap you.)
    Land mines have a chance of not being triggered, and will not wound your
    Improved chances of avoiding death by drawbridge.
    Can move freely over ice or on the Plane of Air.
    Wounded legs do not reduce your carrying capacity.
    No ill effects from descending stairs when encumbered, fumbling or
    You are out of reach of xans' attacks.
    You escape the dungeon rather than dying by level teleporting to levels
    between -9 and -1.    

food appraisal
  acquired by
    Reading a blessed scroll of food detection or casting a spell of detect
    food at skilled or expert (lasts until you receive a warning).
    You are warned before eating food that may be tainted, petrify you,
    slime you, be rotten, poison you, break a Monk's vegetarian conduct,
    be acidic, be rustproof if you are polymorphed into a rust monster,
    break vegan conduct, or break vegetarian conduct. Warnings occur in
    that order of preference, and you are given the choice of whether to
    continue eating.

  acquired by
    Wearing gauntlets of fumbling or fumble boots.
    Walking on ice without either wearing snow boots or being polyed into
    a monster with cold resistance (not lasting effect).
    Abuses dexterity every five turns.
    Every d20 turns, you'll slip or trip if you attempt to move that
    turn; if you're carrying more than a certain amount, you'll make
    noise and alert nearby monsters; if you're riding, you'll fall off.
    You fall going downstairs.
    Your dexterity is abused if you try to move through a closed door.
    Saddling ridable monsters is less likely to succeed.
    Attempting to mount a steed will always fail.
    Digging with an implement may not succeed, and may cause it to hit you
    or be dropped.
    Your chance of disarming a dungeon trap is halved.
    You have no chance of disarming a chest or door trap.
    You have no chance of escaping traps.
    Setting traps can cause them to go off.
    Applying cans of grease can cause you to drop them.
    Reduces likelihood of applying a bullwhip having desired effect, and
    can make you drop it instead.
    Kicking monsters or objects is less likely to be successful.
    Mjollnir will hit a Valkyrie's arm rather than be caught on its return.
    Returning boomerangs will hit you rather than be caught.
    The following items will end up on the floor rather than in your
    inventory: potions of oil that you light (if one of several), wished-for
    items, tins made with a tinning kit, food from a horn of plenty, scrolls
    of mail, gems thrown at you while you're a unicorn, items stolen as a
    nymph, weapons snagged with a bullwhip, arrows created by the Longbow of
    Diana, saddles removed from a steed, and written scrolls and

half physical damage
  acquired by
    Carrying the Orb of Fate or the Master Key of Thievery (Valkyrie and
    Rogue Quest Artifacts).
    Wearing the Mitre of Holiness (Priest(ess) Quest Artifact) as a
    Priest(ess) (only against physical attacks from demons and undead).
    Halves damage from physical monster attacks, falling piercers,
    exploding gas spores, effects of poison, thrown/spat objects, and
    bites from carnivorous bags.
    Halves damage from geyser spells cast by monsters.
    Halves damage from rust traps as an iron golem.
    Halves energy drain and exhaustion from bad sex.
    Does not protect against total digestion attacks.

half spell damage
  acquired by
    Carrying the Orb of Detection, the Platinum Yendorian Express Card,
    the Orb of Fate, or the Eye of the Aethiopica (Archeologist, Tourist,
    Valkyrie, and Wizard Quest Artifacts).
    Halves damage from cold attack of Asmodeus.
    Halves damage from psi bolt, pillar of fire, lightning bolt, and open
    wounds spells cast by monsters.
    Halves duration of stunning, confusion, blinding, and paralysis spells
    cast by monsters.
    Reduces attribute loss from strength drain spells cast by monsters.
    Halves damage from psychic blast of (master) mind flayers.
    Halves damage from wands zapped by monsters.
    Halves damage from scrolls of fire read by monsters.
    Reduces number of objects cursed from a "malignant aura"-type curse.

hallucination resistance
  acquired by
    Wielding Grayswandir.
    Polymorphing into a black light.
    Protects against hallucination from quaffing potions, applying cursed
    unicorn horns, applying crystal balls, or triggering chest traps.
    Protects against hallucination from eating yellow molds, violet fungi
    or abbots.
    Protects against the hallucination attack of black lights.
  acquired by
    Being an unpolymorphed dwarf, elf, gnome or orc by race.
    Polymorphing into a stalker, pit viper, python, Woodland-elf, Green-elf,
    Grey-elf, elf-lord, Elvenking, horned devil, succubus, incubus, barbed
    devil, marilith, vrock, hezrou, bone devil, ice devil, nalfeshnee,
    pit fiend, balrog, or any of hikoAGHLMOTZ.
    Warm-blooded, fire-based, or ice-based monsters are visible if in line
    of sight, even if their location is dark.
  acquired by
    Praying successfully (for the duration of the prayer).
    Monsters will not attack; being swallowed has no ill effects.
    No exertion damage suffered from overencumbrance.
    No HP regeneration.
    No hunger increase.
    Teleportitis, polymorphitis, and lycanthropy will not kick in.
    All timers other than luck normalisation are halted.

  acquired by
    Wearing jumping boots.
    From the start as a Knight.
    Casting the spell 'jump' (temporary).
    You can use the #jump command to move to distant, visible, open
    squares; how far you can jump depends on the source of the intrinsic.
    Knights can jump as the chess piece; boots allow jumping as if the
    spell were cast at unskilled level ('u' below). Casting the spell
    allows you one jump of a distance depending on the level of the spell.


    Jumping out of bear traps will wound your leg. Jumping in Sokoban
    carries a -1 luck penalty.

level-drain resistance
  acquired by
    Wielding Excalibur, Stormbringer or the Staff of Aesculapius (Healer
    Quest Artifact).
    Polymorphing into a horned devil, succubus, incubus, barbed devil,
    marilith, vrock, hezrou, bone devil, ice devil, nalfeshnee, pit fiend,
    balrog, or any of LMVWZ.
    Protects against drain life attacks of Demogorgon, (succubi and incubi
    if #SEDUCE undefined), and all VW.
    Protects against drain life attacks of Stormbringer or the Staff of
    Protects against drain life result from unfavourable succubus or
    incubus encounter.
    Protects against "Thou must relearn thy lessons!" command of angry god.
    Protects against zapping drain life spell at yourself.
life saving
  acquired by
    Wearing an amulet of life saving.
    If you die (other than by genocide or by (master) mind flayer
    intelligence drain), you are revived, at the cost of your amulet.

  acquired by
    Being bitten by a werejackal, werewolf or wererat in their animal form.
    Eating a werejackal, werewolf or wererat.
    May be lost by eating a sprig of wolfsbane, quaffing a potion of holy
    water, or prayer.
    Each turn in your natural form, you have a 1/80 chance (1/60 at night)
    of changing into your wereform for 500 to 999 turns.
    Uncontrolled polymorph will cause you to change from animal to natural
    form or vice versa.
    You are immune from system shock.
    Holy water vapour will cause you to return to natural form, but will
    not cure lycanthropy.
    Quaffed or vaporous unholy water will cause you to assume animal
    In animal form, you can summon 1 to 5 pets with the #monster command:
      wererat:    2/3 sewer rat, 2/9 giant rat, 1/9 rabid rat
      werejackal: jackal
      werewolf:   4/5 wolf, 1/5 winter wolf
      This uses 10 energy and exercises wisdom.

magical breathing
  [See unbreathing]

monster detection
  acquired by
    Quaffing a blessed potion of monster detection or casting a spell of
    detect monster at skilled or expert (for 21 to 60 (more) turns unless
    already at 300 or more turns, whereupon each use only gives 1 more
    All monsters on the level are displayed.

  acquired by
    Polymorphing into an earth elemental or a xorn.
    You can enter most walls or stone.
    You are immune from death by drawbridge.
    You can pass through pits safely.
    You can kick objects out of pits (as a xorn).

  acquired by
    Wearing silver dragon scales or scale mail, a shield of reflection, or
    an amulet of reflection.
    Wielding the Longbow of Diana (Ranger Quest Artifact).
    Polymorphing into a silver dragon.
    Rays striking you rebound in the direction they came from without
    effect (lightning may still blind you).
    Protects against gaze attack of Medusa, and may stone her in return.
    Protects against passive paralysis attack of floating eyes.

sickness resistance
  acquired by
    Polymorphing into a ghoul, or any F.
    Protects against disease attacks of Juiblex, Demogorgon, and Scorpius.
    Protects against pestilence attacks of Pestilence.
    Protects against food poisoning from old corpses.
    Protects against illness from applying cursed unicorn horns.

  acquired by
      Eating a quantum mechanic.
        "Your velocity suddenly seems very uncertain! You seem faster."
      Praying to a god whom thou hast pleased with thy progress.
      Zapping yourself with a wand of speed monster.
      Reaching XL 7 as a Barbarian, Cave(wo)man, Knight or Valkyrie; or from
      the start as an Archeologist, Monk or Samurai.
        "You feel quick!"
        "You feel slow!" (level drain loss)
    ("very fast"):
      Wearing speed boots.
      Quaffing a potion of speed (lasts 160 to 169 (more) turns if blessed,
      100 to 109 (more) turns if uncursed, 40 to 49 (more) turns if cursed).
      Casting a spell of haste self (lasts 100 to 109 (more) turns if
      unskilled or basic, 160 to 169 (more) turns if skilled or expert).
      Breathing vapours of potion of speed (lasts 1 to 5 (more) turns).
    Intrinsic speed may be lost by night-time gremlin attack ("You feel
    slower."), zapping yourself with a wand of slow monster, the slowing
    attacks of skeletons and shades, the start of the stoning process, part
    of the sliming process, or eating a quantum mechanic ("Your velocity
    suddenly seems very uncertain! You seem slower.").
    If fast, your average speed is 1/3 greater than normal; if very fast,
    2/3 greater than normal.

stoning resistance
  acquired by
    Polymorphing into an acid blob, gelatinous cube, chickatrice,
    cockatrice, (winged) gargoyle, spotted or ochre jelly, (baby) yellow
    dragon, air, earth, fire or water elemental, green mold, black naga
    (hatchling), wraith, xorn, skeleton, stone golem, lizard, or any of vyP.
    Protects against stoning attacks of chickatrices, cockatrices and
    Protects against stoning from eating a chickatrice, cockatrice or Medusa
    corpse, or a cockatrice egg.
    Protects against stoning from biting, stinging, butting, hugging,
    engulfing, tentacling, or attempting to saddle a chickatrice or
    cockatrice, or touching, clawing, striking, or untrapping one
    barehanded, or kicking one barefooted.
    Protects against stoning from barehanded feeling, picking up, tinning,
    sacrificing, snagging, stealing, placement in container, removal from
    container, throwing, or wielding of chickatrice or cockatrice corpses.
    Protects against stoning from barefoot kicking of chickatrice or
    cockatrice corpses.
    Protects against stoning from being hit by a wielded, thrown or
    fallen-on chickatrice or cockatrice corpse.
    Protects against stoning from being hit by a cockatrice egg.

  acquired by
    Polymorphing into a gremlin, water nymph, woodchuck, water elemental,
    rust monster, water troll, newt, (baby) crocodile, or any of S;.
    You can move through water on the surface and without hindrance.

  acquired by
    Wearing a helm of telepathy or an amulet of ESP (including the
    Eye of the Aethiopica, the Wizard Quest Artifact).
    Praying to a god whom thou hast pleased with thy progress.
    Carrying the Orb of Detection, the Magic Mirror of Merlin, the Longbow
    of Diana, or the Platinum Yendorian Express Card (Archeologist,
    Knight, Ranger, and Tourist Quest Artifacts respectively).
    Eating a floating eye or a (master) mind flayer.
      "You feel a strange mental acuity."
      "You feel in touch with the cosmos." (hallucinating)
    Eating an amulet of ESP.
    Polymorphing into a floating eye or a (master) mind flayer.
    Intrinsic telepathy may be lost by night-time gremlin attack ("Your
    senses fail."), or by killing (formerly) peaceful humans if not chaotic.
    You can see monsters with minds anywhere on the level when you are
    With extrinsic telepathy you can also see nearby monsters with minds
    when not blind (even through walls and in darkness).
    (Master) mind flayers' psychic blasts are more likely to lock on.

  acquired by
    Wearing or eating an amulet of magical breathing.
    Polymorphing into an acid blob, gas spore, freezing, flaming, or
    shocking sphere, (winged) gargoyle, vampire bat, earth elemental, or
    any of jmvyFLMPVWXZ'.
    [Note that amphibiousness is a subset of these effects.]
    You will vomit rather than choke on excess food.
    You are not affected by stinking clouds.
    You are not affected by sleeping gas traps.
    You are not affected by potion vapours if you are also polymorphed into
    an eyeless monster.
    You can enter water safely.
    Eels' drowning attacks will not drown you.
    Fog clouds' moisture attacks will not harm you (unless you are a
    salamander, flaming sphere, or fire elemental or vortex).
  acquired by
    Wearing an amulet of unchanging.
    Prevents polyself from potions, wands, spells, traps, eating chameleons
    or doppelgangers, or quaffing from sinks, 
    Prevents death by cancellation as a clay golem.
    You will not change form as a result of polymorphitis or lycanthropy.
    Eating mimic corpses will not cause you to mimic gold or oranges.
    Existing polyself will not wear off; death is death, and does not
    cause reversion to your natural form.
    You will not revert to your natural form if you genocide your current
    Protects against sliming attacks of green slimes.
    Protects against being slimed from eating, mindflaying or engulfing a
    green slime.

water walking
  acquired by
    Wearing water walking boots.
    You can walk safely over water (other than on the Plane of Water);
    you can reach it to dip objects into it.
    You will not sink into lava (though the heat will still affect you
    and your inventory, including burning away non-fireproof boots; in the
    latter case, you will not sink until you move).

wounded legs
  acquired by
    Pricking attack of a xan (1/2 left, 1/2 right; 1 to (60-DEX) turns).
    Land mine explosions (both; 41 to 75 turns).
    Being pulled out of or jumping out of a bear trap (2/3 left, 1/3 right;
    500 to 1499 turns).
    Trying to jump out of solidified lava (both; 11 to 20 turns).
    Fumbling with a cursed digging-tool (right; 6 to 10 turns).
    Kicking things or nothings (right; 6 to 10 turns).
    Falling or being thrown off your steed (both; 5 to 9 turns).
    Note that if you're riding, your steed's legs may be wounded instead
    of yours.
    Reduces dexterity by one temporarily.
    Abuses dexterity every five turns (if your legs).
    Your carrying capacity is reduced (double if both legs wounded).
    You cannot jump or kick.    
    Attempting to mount a steed will always fail.

Corrections and clarifications provided by Joe Bednorz, David Corbett,
David Goldfarb, Arien Malec, David Ploog, Jason Short, mana user, and
Boudewijn Waijers.

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