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Hi there! I'm Agulp, more commonly known as AntiGulp. I develop and maintain the variant SpliceHack. I spend most of my time developing SpliceHack and playing vanilla NetHack, but I have a soft spot for SLASH'EM as well. In the future, I'm hoping to spend more time improving my skills in different variants.

Feel free to discuss SpliceHack or suggest features on my talk page. I am always more than happy to receive feedback.


Vanilla NetHack

  • 1 Monk Ascension
  • 1 Wizard Ascension
  • 1 Knight Ascension
  • 2 Valkyrie Ascensions
  • 1 Tourist Ascension
  • 3 Astral Splats (Once to a warhorse, twice to Famine)
  • One ascension was with the following conducts: Never engraved elbereth, never wished for an artifact, never polymorphed an object.