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Hi people!

I'm in wizard mode in SLASH'EM with a chaotic ice mage (changed alignment when I tried to convert an altar).

I've sacrificed many monsters with the new alignment but now, when I stand on the altar and give the extended command #sacrifice it prompts me the message 'I see no one next to you to take a sacrifice'.... I do not understand.. and, something stranger happened when I went downstairs. I found an engraving on the floor with written 'They say ?hat cha ti? cra??cte?? never get a kic| out of altar .' it's strange, can someone try to explain me what is happening?

Good night

The engraving is just random grafitti. It is mostly safe to ignore.
Regarding the sacrifice, it looks like SLASH'EM allows a player to sacrifice either on an altar or within 2 squares of the oracle, if you are on the oracle level and can see the oracle. As far as I can tell #offering a corpse when near the oracle will simply give you a true rumor... unless it was a woodchuck, in which case you get a random rumor, lose 1 luck, and abuse your wisdom. Either way you also lose 1 alignment; "Your god is jealous".
Some other things, in case someone wants to try to add this information to the wiki somewhere: "The Oracle doesn't care about the age or species of the corpse, except for the dreaded woodchuck.", so 'sacrificing' old or safe-race corpses is fine. Cockatrices will still stone you. Messages involved: <The Oracle> looks at you <Scorn/thought>fully. upon sacrificing, I see no one next to you to take a sacrifice. if you are on the oracle level and either can't see the oracle or are not within 2 squares. Unless I'm reading the source code wrong, it looks like it's impossible to do regular altar sacrifice on the oracle level
Qazmlpok 23:06, July 25, 2010 (UTC)