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NetHackWiki is a free community where anyone should be able to participate. Thus, almost without exception, every page features an "edit" tab allowing anyone to make changes or leave a comment. However, sometimes you will encounter a protected page which you cannot edit. In such cases, the administrators of NetHackWiki have decided to lock the page.

If you cannot edit the page, then what can you do?

  • Leave a comment. Use the "discussion" tab to reach the "talk page", then edit and leave a comment. For example, you could ask another user to edit the protected page. Or discuss the situation in the Community Portal.
  • Login. Some pages are only protected against unregistered users, usually to counter vandalism. Users with registered accounts can still edit. So create a user account and login. (If you already have a Wikia or Memory Alpha account, then it works here.) Note that new users may need to a wait a few days before they can edit these pages.
    • Some pages are only semi-protected, which means your account needs to be a few days old before you can edit them.
    • If you later become an administrator, then you will be able to edit protected pages (in addition to protecting and unprotecting them). However, only registered users can become administrators.
  • Edit a different page. The vast majority of NetHackWiki articles are not protected.