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The Oracle is a monster who resides on a special level called "The Oracle Level" (or Delphi). She can provide a consultation for a fee, which is supposed to be one of the main ways the player learns about the game. In practice, players read spoilers, such as this one.


Location Level 5–9 of the
Dungeons of Doom
Bones Yes
Mappable Yes
Teleportable Yes
Diggable floor Yes
Diggable walls Yes

The Oracle Level is located between level 5 and 9 inclusive in the Dungeons of Doom. It is eligible to leave bones, and monster creation is biased towards neutral monsters. Immediately below the Oracle Level is the level with the entrance to Sokoban.

The Oracle's room, with fountains and centaur statues.

There are five rooms to the sides of the above area, containing the stairs (in separate rooms), five random monsters, three random traps, and six random items; they are linked to each other and to the above room by corridors. Each room has one trap, except the rooms with two objects or with the stairs up. The Oracle is at the center of the three by three room (called Delphi), amid the fountains. Delphi has a random empty doorway in one wall. There are two random monsters generated in the area surrounding Delphi. The marked statues are:

If any of the centaur flavors are genocided or extinct, those statues will be replaced with statues of random creatures.

The statues are considered historic, and thus yield an alignment penalty if they are broken by an Archeologist. The statues also have a chance of containing a random spellbook.


The Oracle, @ Oracle.png, is a human, and always generates peaceful. Attacking the Oracle in any manner results in being denied access to consultations for the rest of that game. While she has no active attacks of her own, attacking her in melee causes a spray of magic missiles to hit you;[1] you can kill her with ranged attacks without any retaliation, but will incur murder penalties for doing so.

Due to having a magic missile attack, the Oracle has magic resistance and is thus immune to magic missiles and rays from a wand of death or the finger of death spell. The passive magic missile attack is not implemented for inter-monster combat, however, so any pet at level 11 or higher can attack and may kill the Oracle.


The Oracle offers two services. Minor consultations are true rumors, like you get from a blessed fortune cookie. A major consultation is an extended description of some aspect of the game, for example:

Behold the cockatrice, whose diminutive stature belies its hidden might.  The  
cockatrice can petrify any ordinary being it contacts--save those wise  
adventurers who eat a dead lizard or blob of acid when they feel themselves  
slowly turning to stone.

Major consultations can be found in the file oracles.txt, for players who are not inclined to pay as they go.

Consultations cost money, but the first major and the first minor consultation you buy each increases your score[2] and gives experience points.[3] Buying a consultation of a type you've already bought gives neither experience nor score.

First consultation bought Type Cost Score Experience points Cost/Score Cost/XP
Minor Minor 50 21 5 2.38 10
Major 500 + (50 × XL) 90 + (9 × XL) 20 + (2 × XL) 5.56 25
Major Major 500 + (50 × XL) 210 + (21 × XL) 50 + (5 × XL) 2.38 10
Minor 50 9 2 5.56 25

If you take a major consultation, but do not have enough money to pay for it, the Oracle will take all your money and give a special oracularity which refers to Oracle machines. You won't get any experience for this and will "use up" your one chance at getting experience at the major level. Even the minor consultation will only give you 2 points afterwards. This can be trouble if you were relying on this for a pacifist character.

Lists of consultations

The oracle's consultations are stored in plain text in the source code, you can read the:


The Oracle is primarily based on the Pythia, the priestess who presided over the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi; the NetHack Oracle will welcome you to "Delphi" when she spots you arriving at her abode. Some behavior is also in reference to the Internet Oracle from, which first appeared in 1989, as did the Oracle in NetHack 3.0.0.

Both of these predate the Oracle in The Matrix film series, which is not referenced.

The Oracle-level sound effects reference several different oracles:

You hear a strange wind.
The Oracle of Jupiter at Dodona
You hear convulsive ravings.
The Oracle of Apollo at Delphi
You hear snoring snakes.
The Oracle of Æsculapius at Epidaurus

The two hallucination sounds both reference the Internet Oracle:

You hear someone say "No more woodchucks!"
In reference to the taboo question "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"
You hear a loud ZOT!
In reference to the traditional answer to this.


Pacifist characters should use the Oracle for leveling up.

The Oracle will not get angry if you dry up the fountains or destroy the statues.

If you lack telepathy, the Oracle level can often be recognized by its slightly different assortment of monsters, e.g. naga hatchlings and baby dragons. This is because it counts as neutral for monster generation purposes, just like Sokoban.


Fourk and FIQhack

In Fourk and FIQhack, the Oracle can grant enlightenment, at a cost of 20 gold per your experience level.


In SLASH'EM, the Oracle is able to use her passive attack on other monsters. If a woodchuck attacks the Oracle, the message associated with the attack is "ZOT!"[4]


In UnNetHack, woodchucks will attack the Oracle on sight as part of Nephi's grudge patch, and the Oracle is able to use her passive attack on other monsters.

UnNetHack also makes a few minor adjustments to the Oracle level. The level is generated with 1 guaranteed woodchuck, and monster generation is slightly tweaked. 93% of monsters are generated by the normal mechanism; the remaining 7% of monsters generated are according to the following probabilities:


xNetHack adds two variations of the room in the center of the Oracle level. In both of them, the Oracle sits amid a ring of pools instead of a smaller room. One variant has some trees and only three fountains.

Like UnNetHack, woodchucks and the Oracle attack each other on sight.

Encyclopedia entry

Delphi under towering Parnassus, where Apollo's oracle was,
plays an important part in mythology. Castalia was its
sacred spring; Cephissus its river. It was held to be the
center of the world, so many pilgrims came to it, from
foreign countries as well as Greece. No other shrine rivaled
it. The answers to the questions asked by the anxious
seekers for Truth were delivered by a priestess who went into
a trance before she spoke.

[ Mythology, by Edith Hamilton ]


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