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This template shows the monster symbol and should be used instead of directly using the color templates when showing monster glyphs; that way if a monster color or symbol changes in a future NetHack version, we only need to change it once, in here.

This Template can also be used with preceding or following text without breaking the flow of the text as there are no carriage returns before or after the template.


For example {{monsym|dingo}} shows d. The monster names ignore case: {{monsym|DinGo}} shows d as well.

Spaces can be used normally. {{monsym|fire ant}} shows a. The monster names ignore underscores too: {{monsym|fire_ant}} shows a as well.

Adding new monster symbols

This template does not, of course, automatically recognize new monsters — every monster has to be input separately. This is, however, a very simple and straight forward task. Adding a new monster called foobar (whose symbol was a red X, X) would be as easy as creating a sub-page Template:Monsym/foobar and adding

{{red|X}}<noinclude>[[Category:Monster symbols|{{SUBPAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>

as its only content.