Do you want your possessions identified?

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"Do you want your possessions identified?" (commonly abbreviated as DYWYPI?) is the message displayed upon the end of a NetHack game through death, ascension, escaping the dungeon, or quitting. Accepting with y shows you your inventory. It is common for this to reveal one or more items that would have prevented your death. It often provides helpful information for new and unspoiled players to take into future games.

If you are killed in a shop, or by a shopkeeper you will get an alternative message: "Do you want to see what you had before you died?", since the shopkeeper will gratefully inherit your possessions if peaceful, or take your inventory as compensation if he was angry.

As the DYWYPI check counts as item identification, it exercises wisdom.

This message has reached memetic status in the NetHack community, due to usually being the first message you see when the game is irretrievably over, and an amulet of life saving didn't revive you. It is frequently used to suggest a character's death, often when due to a stupid mistake.


While the phrase naturally retains its purpose in variants, it may occur in other places within them as well.

xNetHack may randomly give you the phrase "Do you want your possessions identified?" when reading a cursed scroll of identify.

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