Elven ring mail

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Appearance elven ring mail
Slot body armor
AC 2
Base price 100 zm
Weight 200
Material copper

Elven ring mail is a type of body armor that appears in xNetHack and SpliceHack. It has a base object material of copper.


Elven characters begin the game with knowledge of elven ring mail, though it does not have an unidentified appearance.

In addition to random generation, armor shops and general stores can stock elven ring mail.

Live Quendi that are not racial monsters have an effective 14 chance of being generated with elven ring mail. Hobbits have a 110 chance of being generated with elven ring mail, which will always be made of mithril.


When worn, elven chain mail provides 2 base AC and MC1 before material adjustments.

Elven ring mail can be enchanted safely from +5 like all elven armor.

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