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In SpliceHack, moldiers are humanoid fungi that can use weapons. There are four types of moldier:

  • F brown moldier
  • F yellow moldier
  • F green moldier
  • F red moldier


Like other fungi in SpliceHack, moldiers can sometimes grow on corpses.[1]

In theory it should be possible for a mold to grow up into a moldier of the same color.[2]



When killing a large number of monsters, such as in a throne room, you may want to stash all the loot to prevent a moldier from growing out of a corpse and using it.

Much like regular molds, moldiers should be fought using ranged attacks if you don't have the required resistances to their passives. All moldiers resist sleep, so do not rely on drugged arrows or the sleep spell to slow them down.

In SpliceHack, all fungi receive an extra d6 damage from copper.[3][4][5] Moldiers are probably the only fungi which necessitate such a damage bonus.

Moldier corpses are heavy but provide very little nutrition. Unlike mold corpses, moldier corpses also provide no resistances. Therefore intentionally creating moldiers or carrying around their corpses is probably useless.


In SpliceHack 0.8.2, there were humanoid fungi called mold warriors. These were replaced with moldiers in version 1.0.0.