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scor-343.txt  Last edited 2003-12-17 for NetHack 3.4.3
Calculation of player's score in NetHack 3.4
Compiled by Dylan O'Donnell <>

4*XP points for each monster killed.
10 points for each wand identified by engraving or zapping.
10 points for each potion identified by quaffing.
10 points for each scroll identified by reading.
9 points for each squeaky board oiled/greased.
4 points for each tripe ration eaten when not a carnivorous non-humanoid.
4 points for "Yuk, this water tastes awful" from quaffing from a sink.

The first oracle of each type:

Minor (if not yet major): 21 points.
Minor (if already major): 9 points.
Major (if not yet minor): 210 + (21 * XL) points.
Major (if already minor): 90 + (9 * XL) points.

Then at the end of the game:

1 point for each zorkmid more than starting gold ( * 90% if game 
         ended in death).
50 * (DL-1) points where DL is the deepest level reached.
1000 points for each dungeon level reached beyond 20, to a maximum of
         10000 points.

The score so far is doubled if you ascended. Then, if you escaped the
dungeon or ascended, you receive points for items in inventory:

Value of amulets and valuable gems (see amul-343.txt and gems-343.txt)
Value of artifacts (2.5 * cost of artifact - see art1-343.txt),
including invocation items.

and finally points for adjacent pets equivalent to their total current
hit points.

Corrections and clarifications provided by Andreas Dorn.

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