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Hi! I am bcode (you might know me as ilbelkyr from IRC) and I try to contribute to NetHackWiki whenever I get the chance.

How to contact me

You can find me …

NetHack experience

I ascended once in the /dev/null/nethack tournament (Val-Dwa-Fem-Law), multiple times on NAO (wizards, mostly elven) and once on AUS (an elven wizard who used pudding farming). Those are all vanilla NetHack 3.4.3 with the obvious exception of AceHack, which is sufficiently close to vanilla to be listed here.

I really need to play more NetHack, particularly now that 3.6 is out. dNetHack is also a pretty cool variant; think SLASH'EM-esque in terms of content, except somewhat more coherent and, more importantly, more balanced (due to the developer actively listening to his players, which is always a good thing). If you are looking for something slightly closer to vanilla, UnNetHack is worth a try as well.

Janitor duties

I help op a couple of IRC channels on freenode, including #nethack and #nethackwiki; it's generally a quite relaxed place that doesn't need a lot of moderation. You're always free to PM me (/query ilbelkyr).

Additionally, I'm one of the people moderating the #nethack quote database.

Finally, I'm an administrator on this wiki. If you need administrator assistance, it's probably a good idea to use NetHackWiki:Community Portal or a relevant talk page; I try to monitor the recent changes queue, and other administrators do so as well. In more urgent cases, poking us in #nethackwiki might be the fastest way to get a response.