Scroll of missing code

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? Scroll.png
Name scroll of missing code
Appearance scroll labelled PLZ RETURN TO DEVTEAM
Base price 0 zm
Weight 5
Ink to write cannot be written
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A scroll of missing code is a type of scroll in The November NetHack Tournament, added in 2018. It is never randomly generated, but three are randomly placed in the Dungeons of Doom on different levels. Unlike other objects, they can be generated at any open location on the level, including in corridors or shops. They never stack. Reading the scroll has no effect and does not consume it. Scrolls of missing code wished for or left in bones are changed into scrolls of mail, and they cannot be written.

Scrolls of missing code are part of the dev team's quest, and should be returned to Mike Stephenson in the DevTeam Office.

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