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A swamp is a special room with a checkered pattern of pools containing giant eels, piranhas and electric eels.[1] Various fungi are generated on some of the land spaces.


Swamp rooms have a 1/6 chance of generating on dungeon level 16 or lower, but only if almost every other type of special room fails to generate.[2]

Swamp rooms occur together: up to 5 rooms on a level may be swamps.[3] Swamp rooms are guaranteed to not have the upstair or downstair of the level.[4]


You hear mosquitoes!
You smell marsh gas!
There is a swamp on the level.
You hear Donald Duck!
There is a swamp on the level, and you are hallucinating.
It looks rather muddy down here.
You are entering a swamp.
It feels rather humid down here.
You are entering, and you are blind.


You can easily guess the presence of hidden doors in swamps, because of the absence of water pools near the door.

Very small swamp rooms can generate just one water pool, easily mistaken for a fountain, so be careful.

The risks of drowning yourself or wetting your inventory make swamps unappealing to traverse. Additionally, unlike other special rooms, swamps don't have much interesting loot. If you need to frequently pass through a level with swamps, and no swamp-free path exists between the upstair and downstair, consider digging your own.

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