Juiblex's swamp

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Juiblex's swamp
Location Level 4–7 of
Bones Yes
Mappable Yes
Teleportable No
Diggable floor Yes
Diggable walls Yes

Juiblex's swamp is a special level in Gehennom that is covered with water. It is located between the 4th and 7th levels of Gehennom (and therefore on DL 29-36). Juiblex, a slug-like demon lord, lurks there (unless already generated in some other way, such as a chaotic sacrifice or demon gating).

Juiblex's swamp is eligible to leave bones files. The entire level is no-teleport. You can dig down through the floor, but you will have trouble with water filling your pit (even with a wand of digging).

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The demon lairs are no longer no-teleport levels, but the presence of the demon lord or prince will block others from teleporting.


The central part of the level is fixed, as follows:

This core of the level is surrounded by a similar mixture of land and water (though with two guaranteed islands to ensure at least one place for each stair to go; the upstair is to the right of the above area, and the downstair to the left).

Juiblex is at the exact centre of the map; three lemures occupy the large island on the centre-right of the map above, and all but (a random) one of the marked fountains are actually giant mimics masquerading as fountains. (If you have genocided giant mimics, they will be replaced with random monsters that also inexplicably masquerade as fountains, while moving and attacking normally.) The mapped area also contains six random P, five random b, five random j, five random F, two random m, and two jellyfish; two sleeping gas traps, two anti-magic traps, and two magic traps; six random potions, three random food items, one boulder and finally two random gems (or piles of gems) at the bottom of the pools on the lemures' island.

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