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Played as elven wizard. After entering quest portal, found myself on level surprizingly like Medusa island (much of water, snakes, eels, Perseus' statue, Medusa on top of stairs down, no sign of quest leader). I've stopped playing 3.4.3 10+ years ago, returned to the game just this year and chose to play UnNethack. I never entered Quest as wizard in UnNethack before today, so I deduced authors might make Medusa wizard's quest leader (wild idea, yes)and tried to chat her. Unluckily, I forgot to replace my amulet of flying with amulet of reflection, so she stoned me... though, I feel the game was ruined anyway. Bug or what?

More unluckily, I failed to see dump of that game at ... it shows my previous game as my last.

The homepage isn't updating right now but the dumplog of your game is there:
You encountered one of the two additional Medusa levels in UnNetHack. You weren't on the quest, I checked the ttyrec recordings and you only shortly looked into the Quest level before continuing down the main Dungeon of Doom branch. So, no bug. --Bhaak (talk) 12:17, 4 June 2014 (UTC)