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Hi, I'm Patric Mueller, online usually nicknamed bhaak.

You can usually find me on Freenode in channels #unnethack and (I'm also in other channels but I might be slower to respond).


I have ascended three times, all in 3.4.x, as Valkyrie, as Wizard and as a Tourist (not yet online).


I'm the programmer of the following NetHack related programs or patches:

  • UnNetHack - a variant of NetHack
  • NetHack-De - a German translation of NetHack
  • NetHack-AROS - a port of NetHack to the Amiga-like operating system AROS
  • Indy YAFMs - a patch with more Indiana Jones YAFMs for NetHack
  • Autoconf - a backport of Slash'EMs Autoconf for easy configuration and compilation for NetHack.
  • Advent calendar - an Advent calendar for NetHack with lots of chocolate and fortune cookies and a special Christmas present.
  • I am also part of the devteam of Junethack.


I am the proud reporter of the following bugs to the DevTeam:

  • C343-259 "Dr. Dolittle" is spelled incorrectly.
  • C343-379 Spelling errors "sprit" and "truely" in quest text.
  • integer overflow possible for sufficiently large hard disks in freediskspace() in sys/amiga/amidos.c (Fixed in source tree, but no bug number. Does that mean no Amiga version for next version?), resulting in NetHack being unplayable beyond the first level.

and of the already fixed bugs:

  • when offering the Amulet of Yendor at an altar not in the Elemental Planes one should get "You feel an urge to return to the surface." but instead "That is a silly thing to sacrifice." is given. (see also in pray.c)

and of the pending bug reports:

  • when standing or levitating over lava or water and wearing a ring of conflict, some monsters don't attack you (e.g. purple worm, soldier ants). Removing the ring, they immediately start attacking.
  • Killing a gas spore with a falling portcullis doesn't cause it to explode.