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Junethack is a NetHack tournament. Started in 2011, it runs annually during June. It's also known as the NetHack Cross-Variant Summer Tournament.

It features virtual trophies for achievements and user and clan competitions.

Junethack differs from other tournaments like the /dev/null/nethack tournament insofar as that the users play on participating public servers instead of dedicated tournament servers. This allows to continue established accounts and also to include variants with relative ease.

Many of the actively developed NetHack forks are eligible for the tournament.

The Junethack website is used to manage users' accounts and clans and also displaying scoreboards and statistics.

IRC channel

The #junethack IRC channel on irc.freenode.net is where all the developers and players hang out. Clans often have clan-specific channels for their members as well.


The second tournament ran from 1 June to 30 June 2012.


Tournament announcement for 2012 in Google Groups

Junethack post mortem 2012

Archived copy of the Junethack 2012 website.

Junethack website in 2015


The first tournament ran from 17 July to 14 August 2011.


  • UnNetHack
  • SporkHack
  • AceHack
  • NetHack 1.3d (as a "bonus" game having unique achievements)
  • NetHack

Tournament announcement for 2011 in Google Groups

Junethack post mortem 2011

Archived copy of the Junethack 2011 website.


Users can register their accounts by adding the line #junethack username to the rcfiles of the server. More information is available on the tournament website, after signing up.

The tournament server records all played games by reading the xlogfiles of the participating public servers.

The Junethack server software is written in Ruby, with the Sinatra web framework and datamapper as the database interface. The source code is released under GPL 3 and is available from GitHub.

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