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This is the official FAQ for the Junethack tournament.

Feel free to add questions and answers to this document.



You can reach the organizers and other players in various ways.

On the NetHack subreddit is a Junethack thread throughout the month.

There's a dedicated discord channel #nethack-junethack on the Roguelikes discord channel.

On the Freenode IRC network is a #junethack channel.

Last but not least there's the newsgroup rec.games.roguelike.nethack.

What's new in 2019?

DNethack SLEX, notdNetHack, and EvilHack are new variants that are featured for the first time in the tournament.

DNethack SLEX is available for play on the em.slashem.me public server and notdNetHack and EvilHack are available on the Hardfought public servers.

EvilHack features many of the same new achievements that UnNetHack had added for Junethack's 2018 tournament.

Elven anachrononauts have been banned from the tournament (because their starting inventory makes them too good at grinding Medusa kills).

What's new 2018?

NetHack 1.3d, the first version of NetHack ever released, is again part of the tournament. It is playable on the hardfought.org public servers.

xNetHack and SpliceHack are new variants that are featured for the first time in the tournament, both available for play on the hardfought.org public servers.

UnNetHack has a lot of new achievements. Essentially killing a unique monster will earn an achievement and killing every unique of certain classes (e.g. riders or quest leaders) will earn you an additional achievement.

Clan admins can set a banner for their clans.

The clan trophy for log(points) has been dropped, as it was too easily abused. A replacement is planned but not yet finished.

Likewise with the number of variants in the tournament, the cross-variant achievements will need some adjustements.

I missed the start of the tournament, can I still play?

You can join the tournament right up until it ends; even if you miss the very start, there's still plenty of time to play. In fact, after signing up, any games that you played on a participating server entirely during June will retroactively become eligible for the tournament, so you can start playing now and decide whether or not to join later.

How do I play?

You play your games on one of the participating public servers. You can use your existing accounts if you like, or create a new one. Junethack then captures those games, and checks if you are eligible for trophies.

I'm not a good player

Junethack is informally known as "the tournament for players who suck at NetHack".

Consider joining a clan as all clan trophies are designed such that even a new player of NetHack is never detrimental to the clan and might even be able to contribute towards the clan score.

When does the tournament start and end?

The tournament starts at June 1st 00:00 UTC and ends on June 30th right before midnight UTC.

Registration opens usually on Monday before June 1st.

All dates in Junethack are in UTC.

What games are eligible for the tournament?

Games of NetHack and variants played on the participating public servers during June are eligible.

A game needs to have started and ended in June to be eligible.

A game will be excluded and ignored for the tournament if one of the following conditions apply:

- it's a special game mode like e.g. explore mode, wizard mode, etc. 
- it's a startscummed game
- it's a SLEX game in one these modes: lostsoul, uberlostsoul, gmmode, supergmmode, or wonderland
- it's an elven Anachrononaut

My login from last year doesn't work

Junethack starts each year with a clean setup. You need to re-register your login every year.

Achievements / Trophies

Medusa kills

Only one kill per game counts towards the "Medusa kill" clan trophy

Most variant/trophy or ascended variant/role/race/alignment/gender combinations

If two clan members both get the same sets of trophies in the same variants, the trophies only count once towards the clan trophies.

But as a clan member can at any time leave and join a different clan, it's not necessarily redundant to have several clan members claiming the same trophies.


How do I join a clan?

You need to be invited by a clan admin. You see clan invitations at the bottom of your administration page after you login.

The clan admin is listed on the Junethack clan page.

Where can I find other players?

You could either check out the NetHack subreddit, the #junethack channel on the Freenode IRC network, or the Roguelikes discord channel.