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WOW! After many many years of playing off and on I finally ascended with a Wizard! A major geek accomplishment for me! Am I supposed to post the log file somewhere to make it official?

  • Congratulations! I also took many years before my first ascension (and also with a Wizard). In answer to your question, there's no "official" place for ascensions. You can post it in RGRN if you wish (along with the other 100k other players who have ascended for the first time) but realistically, it is a narrative you are saving for yourself. Unless it happened on NAO, where they record games and are available for replay by ttyrec, there's no way of validating your commentary. People will still want to hear about it, for lucky escapes, how your overall game went, any interesting tactics used. A good place is your user talk page... which brings up another point: SIGN YOUR POSTS using four tildes (~), like this -- Kalon 23:18, 22 March 2009 (UTC)
  • Gratz :) I wish I could share that same feeling though... playing a Wizard I came 10 steps away from Ascension today; my second closest being dying to an Arch-L in Gehennom before even reaching Vlad. It was very surprising how much getting your inventory cursed during the ascension run could impact your abilities :( Oh, that and I over-enchanted my Magicbane o_o;; leaving my best weapon as a +5 Fire Brand. That and losing 5 amulets of life saving to an Archon on the Plane of Fire... putting on a blindfold that I didn't notice getting cursed to find out where my pet Archons were... and having to float around in the Plane of Water until I bumped into the portal... which took my entire food supply... ah, not to mention my gauntlets became cursed so I could not switch out for a ring of levitation on the Plane of Air (or any of the other Planes for that matter).... lots of Bad Things happened in a very short period of time.

Having extra luck seems to be very over-rated in the end game ;(

But nonetheless congrats :D I'm sure I will make it there someday ^^;

Ipslne 10:52, 23 March 2009 (UTC)