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My 2zm...

  • Australian, young-to-middle-aged is approximately accurate
    • The byproduct of my Anitpodean locale is that NAO is too slow to play on
    • The *other* byproduct of the founding of my country is that we speak the Queen's English, with all letters preserved - I *think* with 'u' in all the appropriate words, like "armour"
  • A bit of a pedant - grammar and capitalisation, people!
  • Plays binary vanilla 3.4.3 on Windows - not enough of a programmer to be bothered installing a compiler
  • Previously played ToME (Tolkein-based *Band) until I finished it every which way (Unofficial conduct for a Stick Hobbit, anyone?)
  • 2 NetHack ascensions
    • A throwaway Valkyrie that ended up completely chewing through everything and ascended with no problems after the Castle
    • Having tackled melee, I finally managed to get a Wizard to avoid suffering YASD and again chewed through everything, this time after the Quest. Casting ID every time you pick something up makes for easy ascension kit assembly
  • Currently working on "obscure" classes (Healer at the moment) for "a bit of a challenge"
  • Have tried SLASH'EM. It has promise, but the interface baffled me at 3am in the morning and I gave up