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The 2006 nethack.alt.org tournament, run by Eidolos, was held during the month of June 2006. It was open to anybody playing on nethack.alt.org. 18748 games were played, 188 of which were ascensions.


Several new trophies debuted during this tournament:

  • Highest-Scored Non-Ascension
  • Lowest HP Ascension
  • Lowest Average Dungeon Level
  • Richest Ascension
  • Longest Ascension Streak
  • Most Lifesaved Ascension
  • Most Efficient Ascension

The following Devnull tournament trophies were also awarded:

  • Best of 13
  • Most Ascensions
  • Fastest Ascension: Gametime
  • Lowest-Scored Ascension
  • Best Behaved Ascension
  • First Ascension
  • Most Unique Deaths
  • Highest-Scored Ascension
  • Highest <Role> Score
  • The Full Monty
  • The Grand Slam
  • The Hat Trick
  • The Double Top
  • The Birdie
  • The Dilithium Star
  • The Platinum Star
  • The Gold Star


The tournament set several records on nethack.alt.org:

  • Most ascensions in a day (14)
  • Most ascensions in a month (188)
  • Most games (including quits and escapes) in a day (1481)
  • Most games in a month (18748)

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