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A bandage is a type of item that appears in NetHack brass. It can be used to heal yourself slightly.


Bandages can be made by applying a pair of scissors to a cloth item.


Applying a bandage to yourself will take a random amount of turns based on your dexterity and intelligence - the formula is 9+500/(DEX+INT), with a minimum of 10 turns. This duration is reduced by 23 if you are a Healer or wearing a nurse uniform as a female character, and is reduced by 12 if you are wearing a nurse cap as a female character; both turn reductions can stack, resulting in 16 of the duration required. If the bandages is not applied after 50 turns, you will give up the attempt.

Applying an uncursed bandage restore 4d4 HP, while applying a blessed bandage heals 6d4 HP. Cursed bandages are "unclean": applying one causes 1d15 damage and has a 113 chance of being "badly contaminated" and inducing sickness - a player killed this way has the cause of death livelogged as "medical malpractice".