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NetHack brass introduces a new item, the bandage. If you find a pair of scissors, then you may use them to cut cloth items into bandages. A cursed bandage is dangerous, but an uncursed or blessed bandage may heal you slightly.

Bandages are very crude; they are not easy to apply. You need a random amount of turns, from 10 turns to 9+500/(dexterity+intelligence) turns, to apply a bandage. However, a Healer, or a female wearing a nurse uniform, needs only one-third as many turns. A female wearing a nurse cap needs only one-half as many turns. (Thus, a female Healer wearing a nurse cap, or a female wearing both a nurse cap and a nurse uniform, can apply bandages to herself at six times the normal speed.) You will always give up after 50 turns.

An uncursed bandage heals 4d4 HP. A blessed bandage heals 6d4 HP.

A cursed bandage is "unclean". When you apply it, it causes 1d15 damage, except that 1/13 of cursed bandages are "badly contaminated" and cause a disease! This disease will become an instadeath (by "medical malpractice") after as few as 20 turns, and is exactly like a disease attack from Demogorgon, Juiblex or Pestilence!