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A fork of DNethack, created by AmyBSOD. Also called DNethack SLEX. Playable on the em.slashem.me server, and a Windows binary is available here.

Changes from dnethack

  • The game does no longer become unwinnable if the player angers the quest leader, and the downstair on the first quest level is always open. It is therefore possible to ignore the quest leader entirely and go on the quest with negative alignment, at character level 1, and even after permaconversion.
  • Killing a human that isn't always peaceful but also not always hostile will no longer count as murder.
  • If the player is overkilled, the bottom status line now displays negative HP values to reflect the amount by which the player was overkilled.
  • Advancing a skill always costs only one skill point, thereby increasing the total amount of skills the player can advance before running out.
  • Added monsters from other NetHack variants including Nethack Fourk, Unnethack and SLASH'EM, as well as shoe monsters from SLASH'EM Extended.
  • Version incompatibility now prompts the player to choose whether the old, incompatible savegame can be deleted.
  • The elder priest is much stronger than before, but also takes extra damage when being kicked with high heels.
  • Many base items that were impossible to randomly generate now can.
  • Many monster types that were impossible to randomly generate now can.
  • The rne() function that controls the enchantment values of randomly generated gear is no longer arbitrarily capped when the player's experience level is low.
  • Item weight reduced and player's carry capacity increased.
  • Every role/race/gender/alignment combo is playable. Binders are still always gnostic, though.

Playing online


Currently there is one officially recorded ascension by Demo with a Ana-Dwa-Fem-Cha, obtained in June 2019. The game lasted 27275 turns.

DNHslex in Junethack

Currently this is still theoretical, as DNHslex has not been in Junethack yet, but the framework is in place in case the tournament maintainers want to include it. The trophies are the same as in regular dnethack.

Xlog Trophies

OneKey.png That was the easy one: Obtained at least one alignment key.

ThreeKey.png Through the gates of Gehennom: Obtained at least three alignment keys (the number needed to complete the game).

NineKey.png Those were for replay value...: Obtained all nine alignment keys.

Games Played Trophies

DN King.png King of dNethack: Ascend a game with all the new races/roles in dNethack.

DN Prince.png Prince of dNethack: Ascend a game with half the new races/roles in dNethack.

DN Tour.png dNethack Tour: Played a game (at least 1000 turns) with all the shiny new races/roles in dNethack.

The new races in dNethack are incantifier, clockwork automaton, half-dragon, and drow. The new roles are Troubadour, Noble, Pirate, and Binder. Convict and Vampire are also implemented, but are insufficiently distinct from their incarnations in other variants to count. Note that you can play every possible permutation of these new roles and races (unlike regular dnethack).

2014 Trophies