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dgamelaunch is a program that manages user logins, game viewing and launching NetHack on nethack.alt.org and some other servers. It was originally written by Drew Streib, but has been expanded by several other people.

Dgamelaunch also supports dgamelaunch mail.

Automatic Login

Putting your login and password everytime you want to connect to a dgamelaunch server is annoying. Luckily, there are simple ways of automating the process.


If you want to use telnet (which you shouldn't), in configuration go to Connection > Data and in the section Environment Variables add new variable USER and set its value to "yourname:yourpassword" (without the quotes).

If you use SSH protocol, you will use the same method as for telnet, but the variable is DGLAUTH. The value is the same. Also, set the Auto-login username to whatever your dgamelaunch server uses, typically nethack.

Unix/Linux with telnet

Use following command:

telnet -l yourname:yourpassword hostname

Unix/Linux with OpenSSH client

In your .ssh/config create a section for your server; here we give example for NAO:

Host nao
 Hostname nethack.alt.org
 User nethack

Now you need to define the DGLAUTH environment variable to contain "yourname:yourpassword". One way is to simply create a short shell script for it:


export DGLAUTH="YourName:Pa$$w0rd"
ssh nao

Alternatively, you can define the variable in .ssh/environment, but make sure the ssh client is not sending it to other hosts you connect to. This method is unfortunately unsuitable when you are using different passwords for different dgamelaunch sites (as you should).


You can download the sources from http://alt.org/nethack/dgamelaunch/ or you can get the development version from the git repository by using the following command.

git clone git://github.com/paxed/dgamelaunch.git

For the SVN version setup, see User:Paxed/HowTo setup dgamelaunch.

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