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Monster/player symmetry

  • Monster magic mapping: every monster has a flag denoting whether it knows the layout of current level. Monsters that are generated on level creation, or appear randomly, start knowing the current level; those that migrate or are summoned do not, and need some form of magic mapping to obtain this knowledge. (Or possibly just to spend enough time on the level: while the player's away, the monsters may as well explore it.) Amnesia attacks may remove the flag. Not knowing the level prevents warping to the stairs, and teleporting to the player may fail if there are walls around you. The flag may also improve the monster's ability to track you. Named demons should probably start with some magic mapping scrolls (or the spell), to preserve their ability to escape. -Tomsod


  • Phasing spell could be targeted on other creatures as well. -flump
  • Smarter searches would help when trying to find, for instance, all headgear and not specifically "helms". -flump
  • Greed as an object property for containers: the container will refuse to open 80% of the time, costing a turn. Either any gold put into the container vanishes permanently or gold weighs nothing when in the container. -FIQ -jonadab
  • You can wish for object properties in FIQhack, but only on items that aren't inherently magical. -aosdict

YANIs that are OK'd

  • Stunning currently works quite differently on players and monsters. -shping
  • Player monsters should always resist conflict. -FIQ