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Dumdidum whistles -29AC Valkyrie and enters to the Quest dungeon.

-let's kick some ass !!! Iam immortal with this AC and with these wand of deaths and superduper great stuff that friendly RNG god and early wishes gave me, and down to the dungeon she goes.

Hey you small fire ant at my right, _next to nice small lava pit_ , eat my +5 Excalibur !

... hey...

... what...

What is this smell of burning flesh... what happened to my Amulet Of Life Saving, where is my blessed bag of holding with every wand , scroll, potion, blessed magic lamp, ring and candle I have collected from dungeon because I was stupid and carried everything with me ... why my AC is only -12... nooooooooooooooo...

Sooo, time to start nice pudding farming and die because of boredom.