Forum:Cannot find downstairs on non-mappable level 12

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OK, I've been wandering around Dlvl 12 for a very long time now and cannot find a "downstairs". I used 2 scrolls of mapping, getting the "Your mind is full of crazy lines" message, wrongly assuming that the first was cursed. Then finally bailed to the wiki.

To identify this level better when I entered I was in a large room in the center of the screen, with undead characters, which I continue to often run into, and have run into vampires twice (losing three levels, one of which I got back, natch).

How do I get past this?

You're at mine's end, catacombs version. You can get the luckstone, some spellbooks, and a boatload of gems from this level, but then you have to go back into the main dungeon. --Tjr (talk) 00:28, 1 July 2013 (UTC)