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Hello everybody, I'm coding a small roguelike (just a hobby) and I'd like to know what the colors used for displaying the character (@) and its background are, as I haven't been able to find them through source-diving. Does anybody have more info ?

The foreground is bold white; the background is the default background that you get if you send the code to turn the background off (ESC [ 49 m), which on most terminals is black, or a similar color. Some terminals use white as a background instead, in which case NetHack does indeed draw white on white. (Note that with typical color codes, making a color bold changes its color, e.g. yellow is yellow only if bolded, and brown otherwise.) For source-diving purposes, the color is HI_DOMESTIC, defined in src/map_glyph.c; the colors themselves are defined in include/color.h, in terms of the IBM PC color codes. (This assumes a win/tty/wintty.c drawing method to the screen; most of the other methods don't use the @ symbol for the player anyway.) Ais523 21:10, 28 November 2010 (UTC)