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I want to delete my bones files (all of them), but I'm not sure where they are. When I installed the game, I installed it outside of where programs are usually installed (and now regretting it...) How do I find my bones files? (It's vanilla NetHack on Windows 7.)

I haven't tried much mostly because I'm not sure how to go about this - I looked in the folder where the rest of the NetHack files are (the .exe file, etc), and I also tried searching for rumors.tru because I read somewhere that they were in the same directory? Not sure whether that last one would have worked, but it was worth a shot :D (I didn't find the bones files, or rumors.tru for that matter)

Any help would be much appreciated :)

They are usually in the same folder where your Nethack.exe file is, and they have names like bonD0.38, bonM0.E or something like that. If there are none, it probably means the game didn't generate any bones files for your characters (yet). --Bluescreenofdeath (talk) 10:03, 16 April 2014 (UTC)
I guess I overestimated how hard they'd be to find :D Thanks for the help!