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I was playing a Wizard Doppelganger in slash'em yesterday when I ran into gray ooze. I had polymorphed into a chasme and was down to 8 hit points. I never take gray oozes seriously so I just started bashing it. However, the gray ooze bit me and I reverted back in human form. Originally, I thought the gray ooze had killed me since they can hypothetically do up to 16 damage. But strangely, my max hit points didn't seem to go down like they normally do when you die in a different form so I thought maybe I just reverted back naturally. The weird part was that I was very low on hit points. Anyway, I got polymorph control and became a vorpal jabberwock. I had around 75 hit points when I again ran into a gray ooze. When the ooze attacked me, I again turned back into a human. Though my hit points were low (around 20), my max hit points weren't affected. Anybody know what is happening?