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I've managed to get a 5th character past the valley of the dead (4 previous ones all suffered a YASD)

I'm tryin

My current character is a lvl 30 Val, and by luck from a couple of bones levels, I've ended up with the following in my stash:

+6 excalibur +6 silver saber (#twoweapon)

(I used to have Mjollnir, and grayswandir, but accidentally destroyed them when they were in a BOH that I blew up (which also contained my unused WOW I'd recently got from the castle level :( ))


  • +5 GDSM
  • +5 GOP
  • +5 Cloak of protection
  • +7 elven leather helm
  • +5 T-shirt
  • +5 speed boots


  • +5 SDSM
  • +5 Cloak of magic resistence
  • +5 cloak of displacement
  • +0 water walking boots
  • +0 shield of reflection

amulet of reflection several amulets of lifesaving amulet of magical breathing

also permanently invisible, and i have a couple of magic lanterns, and a 1:0 wand of wishing I found in a bones pile (one wish of which I will probably need to use to get the candles I need (as the ones I got in mine town were in the BOH that got destroyed... and I only managed to score 5 via polly-piling)

My question is should I stick with the GDSM and cloak of protection and amulet of reflection, or would it be better to switch to the SDSM with the cloak of magic resistence, to free up the amulet spot for an amulet of lifesaving, or the amulet of magical breathing (magical breathing would have saved my previous val from being drowned by a kraken at the top of the tower...) I can't figure out if the MC3 from the cloak of protection is worth it with my characters current stats HP:444, AC:-41

--Tandeejay (talk) 12:55, 17 March 2018 (UTC)

In my experience, MC at that point is mainly useful against monsters with drain life attacks such as vampires. You might be able to destroy them quickly enough for that to not be an issue. I am wondering about disenchanters and green slimes, though. In the End Game, especially, you don't really need MC. - Andrio Celos (talk) 14:42, 17 March 2018 (UTC)

Thanks for your reply. I didn’t think the vampires would be an issue while I’m wielding Excalibur? Disenchanters shouldn’t be an issue as I genocided them. A green slime took out another previous character before I knew about sliming, so I read up on that, and as long as I have a wand or scroll of fire on hand, I should be able to deal with that if it occurs, or alternatively, I have a bunch of magic markers and blank scrolls in my stash so maybe genociding them is worthwhile.

So back to my stash for that SDSM...

Tandeejay (talk) 03:15, 18 March 2018 (UTC)