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OK, I play this a lot and have for a very long time, so it is unusual for me to see something new.

I have a bones level with a wandering guard and a ghosts of two previous characters.

I think what originally happened is I found the teleport trap that put me in the vault, for some stupid reason had no pick ax or way to teleport out, then somehow angered the guard when he showed up and got killed.

The first time I ran into the bones level the guard killed my character, creating another ghost/pile.

This time when I ran into it the guard didn't attack me, but when I tried to dig into the vault to get at the items in the bones pile the guard kept magically fixing the walls.

Then I found that I could get in by digging diagonally into the one corner, so I grabbed what what useful, but could not lift my cursed bag of holding.

I didn't have a way to cancel the curse but thought I could pick it up if I dropped what i was carrying, so I put almost everything I had elsewhere, then went back with just the minimum, dug into another corner, but still could not lift the bag.

So it feels like you can only do the dig-into-a-corner-diagonally trick twice.

Interested in if someone has seen this before.

With two bones piles at level 15 I'd guess there is a teleport control ring in there somewhere, so I'll identify one and teleport in and out, then see what I find.