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I've been casually playing Slashem for a few years. I've never made it very far until recently. My character stats are: Bucket the Lama (Priest)

 St:21 Dx:14 Co:16 In:13 Wi:18 Ch:7 Lawful
 Dlvl:39 $3837 HP:107(107) Pw:318(318) AC:-18 Xp:24/735352 Wt:713/975 T:50944

The items of note which I've acquired:

 a blessed amulet of reflection
 a blessed rustproof mace named Disrupter
 a blessed +3 small shield
 a blessed +2 pair of jackboots
 the blessed +0 Mitre of Holiness
 a blessed greased +3 gray dragon scale mail
 a blessed +3 pair of gauntlets of power
 a blessed +2 slippery cloak
 3x wands of death
 a wand of wishing
 a silver bell
 a bugle
 a blessed luckstone

I somehow ended up with a monadic deva of Shan Lai Ching as a pet which has been tearing my enemies apart ridiculously fast.

I recently cleared out Castle where I got the wand of wishing and now I'm not sure where to go to find some end-game material. Am I even ready? I think I did the easy and medium Lawful Quest already, but it's been so long between game saves I honestly don't remember.

Most of my problem with this game is that I play it infrequently - resumes could be months apart and I've usually forgotten where I was or what step I was on. Can anyone recommend a course of action I should take with this character?

It will pay off after some time: try to keep good notes. Some questions for each level: did you clear it? Are there unusual resources (altar, throne, sink, toilet, shop, ...)? Special rooms? Dangerous monsters left behind? Stairs and portals? Did you stash something on that level? --Tjr (talk) 11:36, 1 December 2013 (UTC)