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Hello friends. I am playing dnethack and Pale Night the Demon Lord keeps killing me. I have tried just about everything to beat her. She teleports me around with her gaze and I am on a no teleport level. Despite being very fast and unemcumbered she will hit me and teleport me without giving me a chance to attack. She appears to be disintergration proof, stone proof and slime proof. Cancelling her does not work either. Can anyone give me some tips. Also does anyone have her stats? I would like to know her MR level 22:47, 20 September 2017 (UTC)

First off: why? Pale Night is entirely optional, and doesn't even drop a cool artifact. Second, are you sure that's actually Pale Night? She doesn't have a teleporting gaze, only drain/confusing gaze. In fact, I don't think a tele gaze is even implemented (EPI maybe?). Also, the code says it has an MR of 97. This shouldn't matter that much though. Its AC is pretty low, randomized from -66 to -6. What class are you?

(A cursory reading of the devil/demon lords listed on the wiki has only a few fast demons, none of which have anything like a gaze attack. Fierna is fast and fire-breathing, and Yeenoghu is fast, but nobody but Demogorgon are very fast.)

For info, see here (a brief explanation) or here (link to entry in code).

--EasterlyIrk (talk) 01:26, 25 September 2017 (UTC)

I am definitely getting hit by teleportation right after the confusion attack. I am a convict. I tried to beat her in previous game and I keep getting her in a bones file now. In fact there are two graveyard markers on her level now. So it's not like I have a choice.

If she did not teleport she would not be that hard. I could just make a boulder fort at the upper stairs and blast her with wands. But with the teleport she throws me all over the level and it is no teleport. Even if I lure her up the level above her is no teleport as well. Wolfwood (talk) 02:56, 25 September 2017 (UTC)

According to some other people from IRC, that's called abduction. It will teleport you and Pale Night at the same time, and no-teleport won't affect it. My best advice would be to put on an engagement ring (to block the seduction instakill) and use the same strategy as any other spellcasting demon lord. --EasterlyIrk (talk) 04:44, 28 September 2017 (UTC)