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OK, despite having ascended several times, this time I am really screwed. I have explored everything from the Valley to the Vibriting square but cannot find the stairway to Vlad's tower. Either it is in a path that doesn't show up as unexplored because all surounding walls are explored or it's under an object. I haven't even a faint idea, on which level the stairway is. I could bite myself for having polypiled several crystal balls wich would be handy now. Any idea what to do ? Farming for a crystal-ball ? Reverse genociding elvenkings ? Buying clairvoyance ? Whishing for the Eye of Aethiopica ? Waking Rodney ? Getting mindflayed ?

Some Information about the Character and interesting Items :

current attributes :

  • Level 20, Caveman - Human - Male - Neutral
  • Str 18/** - Dex 16 - Con 18 - Int 18 - Wis 17 - Cha 13

Amulets :

  • cursed magic breathing (beeing worn)
  • unchanging

Weapons :

  • blessed +6 Sceptre of Might
  • 5 uncursed +6 Boomerangs
  • +2 Sling (some glass pieces for ammunition)

Armour : (AC: -24)

  • YDSM, Oilskin cloak, Speed boots, Shield of reflektion, leather gloves, orcish helm

Scrolls :

  • some identify, some enchant armour, some remove curse many teleport, some other
  • charging not known yet
  • genocide known
  • magic mapping known

Potions :

  • some object detection, some holy water

Wands :

  • whising (0:0)
  • no more polymorph (but i know the spell)
  • plenty w.o.digging
  • teleport
  • many other

Tools :

  • Bell of opening (0:3)
  • the Platinum Yendorian Express Card
  • pickaxe
  • some other (no saddle)

Rings :

  • polymorph + polycontrol
  • teleport + telecontrol
  • no sustain ability

Spells :

  • wizard lock (50%)
  • polymorph (80%)
  • identify (90%)
  • all others forgotten (the books are in Minetown)


  • PYEC
  • W.o.poly

Genocide :

  • Disenchanter
  • Bugbear

Dungeon :

  • Fort Ludious probably not accessable
  • Molochs's Priest in the Valey lives and is peaceful (clairvoyance ?)
  • In the Quest are 2 shriekers (farming ?)
  • The Quest has many mind flayers ("forgetting" the maps ?)
  • In the Dungeons of Doom are several sinks (pudding farming ?)

So, is there any easy way to find the stairway ? Thanks if anybody could help. -- 18:16, 9 October 2013 (UTC)

  • What level is the Valley of the Dead on? You only have to search five levels for Vlad's stairs. You could walk over every object, or just turn into a xorn and try to walk up on every single square.

A crystal ball will not detect stairs IIRC. Reverse genociding elvenkings never carry crystal balls. Clairvoyance and magic mapping both will help you map, but if there's an object on the stairs, only the hilite_hidden_stairs NAO extension will help you. The Eye of Aethiopica will not take you to a branch you haven't already been. Rodney won't help you either. Getting mindflayed, and then magic mapping or clairvoyance-mapping the five levels, can be a drastic last-resort solution. --Tjr (talk) 19:28, 9 October 2013 (UTC)